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The Islands of Guernsey Announces Return to Cruise

18 November 2021

After two seasons without cruise ships calling into Guernsey this vital part of the tourism economy is due to be reinstated for 2022.

As one of the most important and popular ports in the British Isles this three-time winner of the prestigious Cruise Critic Editors’ Picks Awards will see its first return call taking place on April 14th with the arrival of Hanseatic Spirit.

Running right through the season with the last call to Guernsey’s St Peter Port scheduled on October 30th, with the visit of Vasco da Gama, the season will see cruise call numbers returning to pre-pandemic levels.

As a valued member of Cruise Britain the association is delighted to see the islands opening up once more to the cruise sector. “Guernsey is an integral part of Britain’s cruise mix and was easily in the top ten transit cruise ports in 2019 as it provides a unique blend of elements. The distinctive multi-island offering attracts operators looking to offer their guests a continental-flavour combination of scenery, history and beaches. A successful 2021 cruise restart in the UK has brought renewed focus on the British Isles product and Guernsey now really has the opportunity to build on existing business.“ comments a Cruise Britain spokesperson.

“Over the last five years we have worked hard to establish an attractive, compelling cruise proposition that offers an unrivalled product in the British Isles. We have invested heavily in our cruise infrastructure focusing on our welcome, disembarkation process and extensive and themed shore excursion that in turn have made us attractive to the leading international cruise lines. We are delighted to be bouncing back and seeing the level of interest and commitment from the flagship cruise lines.” comments Wendy Pedder, Marketing Manager, Trade and Media Relations, Marketing and Tourism, VisitGuernsey.