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Heritage & Historic Treasures

Our rich heritage covers thousands of years and is a glorious patchwork of palaces, castles, cathedrals and historic landscapes. It is peopled by the enduring legacy of the famous and the infamous; visitors can see how the powerful shaped the nation and how the less-powerful lived and worked.

From Britain’s ports, explore the earliest chapters detailed through enigmatic stone circles and megalithic tombs. Follow pilgrim footsteps from islands to World Heritage Sites or track invaders and would-be invaders – the outpost of Roman Empire, the Viking and Norman trails, and the 20th century wartime tunnels. Trace the power of the church through abbeys and cathedrals across the land. Or explore historic landscapes where legend is king and myth is an everyday fact.

The palaces and stately homes of the powerful are sometimes ruined, often treasure houses and always impressive. From spectacularly large to the more intimate, Britain has a palace or fortress for every taste. Living history is celebrated at award-winning museums: gain a true insight into the life and times of ordinary folk at maritime and country life museums, historic dockyards and preserved houses. Wherever visitors travel will be a voyage of discovery uncovering the complex story of Britain and its place in world history.

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