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Jersey, Channel Islands

cruise jerseyMeasuring just nine miles by five miles, Jersey is the perfect location for a day trip. Small in square miles but big in places to go and things to see, it’s the perfect size for cruise guests to explore for a few hours.

With history on our doorstep and many heritage sites to seek out, cruise guests on a short stopover can easily discover our colourful past. Visitors can step back in time with a trip to Passage Grave, a building older than the Egyptian Pyramids. They can follow in the footsteps of invading armies through a 12th-century castle, spot Jersey’s Martello towers which were built in the 1800s to keep the French at bay or discover the story of the German occupation.

For those wanting to enjoy Jersey up close, there are a range of walking and cycling options, with a whole network of routes across the island. Voted as one of the top European destinations for a walking break, Jersey offers quiet coastal hikes along the north coast or strolls along peaceful wooded valleys. For keen cyclists, the island can offer its many ‘green lanes’, where the speed limit is 15 miles per hour, keeping cruise guests safe as they cycle and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Food lovers are also in for a real treat with the island’s abundance of culinary delights. From Michelin-star restaurants and charming beachside food shacks, to al fresco bay-side dining and intimate settings for romantic escapes, Jersey prides itself on its array of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Waiting to greet cruise passengers on-shore with a warm welcome, Cruise Jersey’s Passenger Services Manager Maria Le Tiec, has over 20 years’ experience in the local tourism sector. With her wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, she’ll be delighted to help and importantly, share her knowledge to cruise partners considering the Island of Jersey as a future destination port.

Top Five Facts About Jersey

  1. Jersey is officially the sunniest place in the British Isles. You can also expect the temperature to be a few degrees warmer too.
  2. Jersey has one of the world’s largest tidal ranges. The Island grows by a fifth every time the tide goes out.
  3. You are never more than ten minutes away from the sea.
  4.  Jersey has its own notes and coins, including a pound note. As well as a security watermark of a Jersey cow, you’ll see Queen Elizabeth smiling on our banknotes.
  5. Charles II spent several years in exile in Jersey and it was here in 1649 that he was proclaimed king. In recognition of the island’s help, King Charles II gifted several parcels of land in the colonies to the island’s Bailiff, Sir George Carteret – one of them became the state known as New Jersey.
Port Info
Contacts & Info
Time Zone:

GMT (GMT+1 during BST)

Operational Hours:


Latitude & Longitude:

49°10.0’N,  002°07.0’W (as per ALRS Vol. 6

Prevailing Weather:

South – Westerly

Berth Information:

Albert Pier, No.3
Sump 3.4m BCD
Length 105m
Sump Width 16m
Quay Height 13.0m ACD

Elizabeth harbour
Sump 136m x 23m sump depth 6m BCD available between ferry movements

Vessel Length:

100m at Number 3 berth

Vessel Width:

16m wide sump on Berth No. 3

Air Draft Restrictions:


Vessel Draft:

Dependant of tide height and berth allocated. Maintained depth inside main harbour 2.0m BCD

Depth on Berth:

No. 3 Sump dredged to 3.4m BCD

Largest ship to call:

110m alongside berth No 3 /130m using Elizabeth harbour berths / No limit at anchorage (subject to draft) Other than listed above

VTS - Channel:

VHF 14 – St Helier VTS

Max Ship Dimension:

110m inside main harbour, 136m at Elizabeth harbour


Yes (for vessels 35m and over)


1x 26m Damen Shoalbuster -28t Bollard Pull
1 x 11.5m workboat – 1.5t Bollard Pull

Security Facilities:

ISPS compliant


4m and 6m available

Fresh Water:

Via quay side hydrants

Power Supply:

16A and 74A available on Albert Pier

Fuel Supply:

Via road tanker, arranged through shipping agent

Hot works / painting/ lifeboats:

Hot works / painting as per vessels SMS. Call St Helier VTS CH14 for permission to launch lifeboats if alongside berth.

Waste Handling:

Euro bins and recycling points available on quay, arranged through shipping agent

Anchorage Position:

No. 1 – 49° 10.31’N 002° 08.78’W – Depth BCD 5m  (<140 LOA)
No.2 –  49° 10.065’N 002° 08.40’W- Depth BCD 6m (<150- 180LOA depending on draft/tide)
No. 5 –  49° 08.51’N 002° 06.05’W – Depth BCD 14m no size limit

Distance to landing stage in nm:

Anchorage No.5 to Albert Pier Pontoon – 2.8nm
Anchorage No.1/No.2 to Albert Pier Pontoon – 1.7nm

Cruise Terminal Building:

Albert Pier Terminal

Currency Exchange:

Throughout St Helier

Internet Access:

Free WiFi is available in the area surrounding the harbour


At Albert Pier Terminal and throughout St Helier


Post office available in St Helier

Taxi Rank:

Outside Albert Terminal

Distance to Railway Station:

Not Applicable

Distance to Airport:

4 miles – 15 minutes

Banks / ATM Machines:

At Elizabeth Terminal and throughout St Helier


There are many cafes, bars and restaurants located in and around St Helier which is only a short 10 minute walk from the harbour.

Port Contacts

Maria Le Tiec


+44 (0) 1534 447743


Ports of Jersey, St Peter, Jersey, JE1 1BY

Berth Enquiries / Reservation:

stheliervts@ports.je or via Ships Agents:

St Helier Port Services
+44 (0) 1534 870300

Channel Seaways
+44 (0) 1534 721515
Email: questions@alderneyshipping.com

Condor are agents occasionally from their Gsy office

Tourist Information

Experience Jersey, Channel Islands