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SMS International Shore Operations

S.M.S or S Mifsud & Sons Group was established as a family business in Malta in 1860 by the family of our current Chairman, & now, some 150 years later, employs over 300 persons within various fields including travel and tourism & shipping. In 2016, SMS Group is still very much a family concern under the Chairmanship of Neville Mifsud & his sons, Simon & Samuel, who not only serve on the board but take an active role within the various businesses within the group.

In 1950, SMS Shipping was established & over the years became very much involved in providing port agency services, so the concept of offering ground handling services for cruise liners was only natural & as the international cruising market grew, as did SMS, along with it’s reputation for professionalism and trustworthiness.

In 1996 we took our 40 + years of experience in Malta and brought it to the UK, thus creating S.M.S International Shore Operations. In 20 years our reputation has grown & we now offer passenger logistics, transportation & excursions in the following countries; Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Malta, Tunisia, UK & Ireland and USA.

Why Us?
Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us
  1. Family owned & operated
  2. Over 60 years of dedicated cruise experience
  3. 100 % client focused at all levels of the organization
  4. Dedicated experienced management in every destination.
  5. SMS-ISO are constantly training & evaluating all of our staff to ensure they are always at the forefront of new industry initiatives and developments.
  • Passenger Logistics + Transportation
  • Port Agency
  • Shore Excursions & Land Programs

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