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Cruise and Passenger Services (CPS)

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cps-logoCruise and Passenger Services (CPS), a proud member of the Independent Port Handling group, stands as the foremost provider of comprehensive cruise ship services in the UK.

While you embark on your voyage, rest assured that CPS is here to safeguard your vehicle with our valet parking services at Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Dover and Tilbury. We oversee over 450 cruise ship calls annually, ensuring the safekeeping of over 120,000 cars during passengers’ travels.

With the respected Park Mark accreditation for our parking facilities, CPS guarantees the security and care of your vehicle throughout its stay. Additionally, our services extend to car valeting and minor repairs while your vehicle is under our watchful eye.

CPS continuously enhances its offerings. We have our hardware and software systems in place to streamline the process of booking and checking in your vehicle upon arrival. The technology ensures a seamless and efficient experience for guests. From reservation to vehicle check-in, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Beyond parking services, CPS excels in port handling operations, encompassing mooring, stevedoring, and baggage handling for leading cruise ship operators. Whether it’s Southampton, Liverpool, or Portsmouth, our seasoned team ensures a seamless transition for guests embarking or disembarking from the vessel.

Moreover, we are thrilled to share our achievement of an impressive 4.8 rating. Customers praise CPS for our attentive service, secure parking facilities, and seamless port handling operations, highlighting our dedication to overall satisfaction.

Choose Cruise and Passenger Services for a worry-free cruising experience, where your vehicle and your journey are in capable hands.

Why Use Us?
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Personal, tailored services

2. Peace of mind for passengers leaving their vehicles while cruising

3. Secure Park Mark accredited car parks

4. UK coverage in cruise ship handling operations, turnaround or day calls

5. Specialist equipment and expertise in handling larger or smaller cruise ships

Valet car parking serving cruise ship passengers throughout the UK

Vehicle cleaning and repair services while passengers are cruising

Mooring, stevedoring and baggage handling for cruise ships

Supporting cruise terminal operations


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