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Cruise Britain statement on cruise ship air emissions

12 June 2019

 Cruise Britain is an association of over 36 member ports in Britain plus a range of industry service providers. The association refutes the findings and conclusions of a report on cruise ship air emissions as published by Transport & Environment (T&E) in June 2019.

The study, conducted with in-house analysis and not subject to any external scrutiny, differs dramatically from any available measurements independently collected and verified by the ports cited, as well as from fuel data and emissions tracked by cruise companies. As such, the study lacks the rigour required for scientifically valid research. T&E represents environmental groups who target the cruise industry mainly due to the high visibility of cruise ships in the ports that the ships visit.

Cruise represents less than 1% of all shipping and only 2% of the total leisure industry. In addition, the marine industry in its entirety represents only 3% of the global consumption of heavy fuel oil. Cruise lines operate within accepted international standards and continue to invest in cutting edge technology to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, sulphur and particulate matter.

James Stangroom, Chair of Cruise Britain, said ‘’The cruise industry leads the maritime transport sector in its investment in greener ships and our members are committed to the pursuit of constant environmental improvement. Environmentally sustainable initiatives are welcomed and must always be based on verified data and robust studies.’’