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IRN Research is a full-service market research consultancy that was formed in 1991 and has a strong track record in providing market research services to business across all industry sectors. If your needs are for a small-scale UK-based research project or for a large- scale, multi-country research project, IRN can help. To satisfy our client’s needs we utilise a range of market research techniques, including desk research, telephone/online surveys, face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and can provide a full results analysis. Responding to our client’s needs, we go beyond the data and present our clients with actionable insight.

We collect the Intelligence, conduct the market Research and present the iNsight to our clients. For further details see www.irn-research.com.

IRN Research is a trading name of IRN Consultants Ltd

Why Use Us?
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Top Five reasons to use IRN

1. Over 25 years focus on the cruise market

2. River Cruise Passenger Research – UK River Cruise Survey

3. Cruise Britain Statistics

4. Growing the cruise market – Cruise Port Research

5. Research for the UK Cruise Port Market

Over 25 years focus on the cruise market

Strategic market research consultancy

Utilise a full range of market research techniques

Client-orientated actionable insights

Flexible and dynamic


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60 Eastern Green Road, Coventry, CV5 7LH

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