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  • Washington Old Hall and Gardens (ancestral home of George Washington's family)
    Washington Old Hall and Gardens (ancestral home of George Washington's family)
  • St Peter's Church (7th Century)
    St Peter's Church (7th Century)

The city by the sea in the heart of North East England

Welcome to our city by the sea! Sunderland is a confident, vibrant, welcoming city situated on the coast, at the mouth of the River Wear.

Once the biggest shipbuilding town in the world, Sunderland is a proud city that continues to evolve into a vibrant and exciting place to live and visit.

Only minutes from the open North Sea, Port of Sunderland offers two lock-free river berths just a stroll away from the busy, culture-rich city centre where you will find unique visitor attractions such as the National Glass Centre, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens and St Peters Church (AD674), one of the UK’s earliest stone-built Anglo-Saxon churches and the home of Saint Bede. Those that like to stroll a little further, will be rewarded with the stunning sandy beaches and landscaped promenades of Roker and Seaburn, and the opportunity to visit one of many delightful cafés or indulge in some of the best fish & chips!

Sunderland offers cruise visitors a range of truly memorable experiences not easily found elsewhere. Why not try a guided tour of the ‘secret tunnel’ beneath the historic Roker pier and lighthouse, an intimate brass-band performance in the historic Holy Trinity, Sunderland’s first parish church or feel the heat of the furnace during one of the six daily glass making demonstrations at the National Glass Centre which is built on the 7th century site of the very first stained-glass production in Great Britain.

At the heart of the wider North East England region, Sunderland provides the perfect port of call with many of the area’s finest attractions within easy reach. Castles, Cathedrals, UNESCO world heritage sites, stunning landscapes, shopping sprees and world-class museums are all just a short journey away.

Sunderland has a truly diverse and engaging mix of things to see and do indoors and out, it is also beautifully positioned to help you make the most of this stunning region of England.

See it, do it, Sunderland!

Top Five Facts about Sunderland

  • Washington Old Hall is a 12th Century Manor House and the ancestral home of George Washington, the first President of the USA.
  • Standing 136 metres above sea level, the striking Penshaw monument is inspired by the Theseion in Athens and is a tribute to John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham and Governor General of Canada.
  • Sunderland or Wonderland? Lewis Carroll was a frequent visitor to the city and drew heavily on landmarks and the local accent for many of his works including The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Jabberwocky and, of course, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,
  • Sir Joseph Swan, the true inventor of the electric light bulb, was born in Sunderland in 1828 and first demonstrated the device at the city’s Athenaeum building,
  • St. Peter’s Church in Sunderland is one of the most significant historical sites in Britain. Founded in the 7th century by the pioneering Benedict Biscop, it developed into one of the greatest and most influential centres of learning in the northern world.
Port information
Passenger Facilities
Contacts & further info
Time zone:


Operational hours:



Port Commercial – Andrew.foster@sunderland.gov.uk

Lat & Long:

54o 54′ 51″ 01o 21′ 51″

Prevailing weather:

South Westerly

Anchorage position:


Berth information:

Greenwells Quay Length – 220m, Corporation Quay Length – 300m

Vessel lenth:


Vessel width :


Air draft restrictions:


Vessel draft :


Depth on berths:

Greenwells Quay – 6.5m, Corporation Quay – 8.5m

Largest cruise ship to call:

MS Hamburg 144m x 22m x 6.5m draft

Max ship dimension:

199.99m x 35m x 8.5m


Compulsory pilotage services provided by Port of Sunderland


Available on request

Security facilities:



Ship’s own, local hire also available

Fresh water:

Available at both berths, provided by Port of Sunderland

Power supply:

Ship’s own, local hire also available

Fuel supply:

By road tanker and bunker barge

Hot works/painting/lifeboats:

All operations permissable subject to vessel obtaining relevant permits from Port Harbour Master. Work barge also available.

Waste handling:

Port provides 1 mandatory skip. All additional waste disposals to be undertaken by specialist 3rd party contractor.

Cruise terminal building:

Currently under development

Currency exchange:


Internet access:

4G & 5G available


Not available



Taxi rank:


Distance to railway station:


Distance to airport:







Andy Foster


00 44 (0)7824 301 898




28 Barrack St, Sunderland, SR1 2DU

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